Home Buying Guide

Know What You’re Looking For

There are lots of homes for sale in Lander, WY, so it’s important to narrow down your preferences. What is it that you’re looking for? Is this your starter home or a dream retirement spot? A home you’ll live in or an investment property?

Knowing what you really want and need will help tremendously in the search – it’s easy to get excited about a property that’s lovely, but that doesn’t fit your checklist at all. So know what you are looking for before you even go house hunting. Make sure that what you have decided on fits your financial situation. You may love the idea of a home with acreage for horses, but not be able to afford the corrals. The “getting clear” process is hard, but a very necessary step in the buying process.

Talk to a Realtor

You’ve already taken some initiative because you’re here reading this, so well done! Real estate operates on a different kind of timeline than you’re probably used to, and with so many elements at play, things can change quickly. Having an agent represent you helps protect the potential investment you are making.There are a lot more steps to this whole thing than people realize, and some properties are more complicated than others. Having a professional represent you is a smart idea!

Find the Home for You

When you’re looking at homes for sale here in Lander, take note of the things you like and don’t like. The more properties you look at, the better idea you’ll have of what’s really important to you. You’ll be able to figure out what are must haves and what things you aren’t as worried about or that you can add later. Make sure you think about how long you will have this home and if it will fit your lifestyle needs. If you’re looking to start a family and it’s one bedroom, it might work today, but in the near future it may not. Make sure you are considering these possibilities.

Financial Preparation

Credit Score, credit score, credit score! You can save up your down payment, but if you can’t get a loan you aren’t going to make much progress. Make sure you have good enough credit that a bank will see you as a good investment and be willing to give you a loan. We can’t overstate the importance of having good credit. Be willing to put in the work upfront so you can enjoy the rewards later!