“Call of the WY”

“Call of the WY”

Three weeks, a tiny house, and Wyoming: Adventure photographers Quin Schrock and Andy Austin share their experiences of this wild state!

Some would call Wyoming “harsh”, but really Wyoming is just pristine.  The state is so big, and so underpopulated, that it just feels raw.  From the open expanses of basin and plain, to the endless forests and craggy peaks, Wyoming feels BIG.

While there aren’t always people or other signs of civilization, one can always find signs of life.  Herds of antelope, elk, and deer are a common road-side sight, and are even more common the farther you stray from the road.  Similarly, a great variety of birds, fish, and other flora and fauna can be found all through the state, with increasing diversity and regularity the farther you go down those winding dirt roads.

Quin and Andy speak in awe of the landscape, but also, those that inhabit it.  It’s true, one must be fairly rugged and self-sufficient to weather a full year in most of the towns in Wyoming, but this actually seems to have resulted in a more community-based feel throughout person to person interactions.  “Hospitable and friendly”, was how Quin and Andy found Wyoming folk.  Somehow the ruggedness of life, and the sparseness of outposts of civilization, make those you come across more welcoming and more excited to speak and to listen, to spend time and share stories.  This has been my experience in Wyoming, and I hope it will be yours too!

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