Selling a House: Quick and Dirty

Selling a house is a great opportunity, but can be a pain.  Here are a few tips to help you through the process.  For more in-depth information, checkout Selling a House: Step-by-Step

  1. Hire Help
    • Few states require you to hire a real estate agent or attorney, but doing so can pay dividends in time and money.
  2. Asking Price
    • Know the market and know your needs.  Do you want to sell quickly, or potentially wait to get the best price?
  3. Prepare the Property
    • By making the place look its best, you can make money and save time.  Defect disclosure requirements vary by state.
  4. Advertise and Evaluate Offers
    • Advertise through the MLS and your Realtor, and when an offer comes in, consider the contingencies, terms as well as the purchase price.
  5. Close
    • Get through the offer/counter-offer phase, the inspections, review and complete all documents, and vacate the premises by the closing date!